Summers In Saugus

About Saugus

Almost ten years ago we went searching for a place to settle down until our son finished high school.  The prerequisites were simple, we wanted a simple neighborhood where kids rode their bikes and played ball in the street.  We wanted there to be a lot of parks, hills, and community sports to be involved in.  We also wanted a place where people knew and socialized with their neighborhoods.  Santa Clarita had all of that.  With five main towns (Valencia, Stevensons Ranch, Canyon Country, Newhall and Saugus) we found a city that is completely family friendly.  The proximity to Los Angeles and Burbank area made the commute to work and school (our son has attended private christian schools in the valley) was not too daunting, and the weather extremes (over 100 in the summer, and fighting frost in the winter not to mention the high winds) were easy to get used to.  The most amazing thing is that in this transient world where few people stay put for five or more years, we have had the same neighbors for our entire stay so far.  The boys in the neighborhood have grown up together and look out for each other.

This series, Summers In Saugus, will take you through a variety of activities to do in and around the Saugus, CA area.  There are a lot of attractions and natural sites that are extremely entertaining and interesting right in our own backyard.

If you’re visiting Los Angeles, we’re not that far away – come see what we have to offer.  Many residents commute to Los Angeles daily, so its not that far to drive and its different than the same old Hollywood Blvd tour.

We’re going to document our summer experiences without taking a plane, and still managing to get a 15 year old boy to enjoy spending family time.  We’re also expecting other stories from friends and acquaintances telling of the interesting things they did as well.

Ok….Let’s go!